JJ Crowns Selected Magnificent Writing Personality For You Can Write Contest - 2023

JJ Crowns Selected Magnificent Writing Personality For You Can Write Contest - 2023

JJ Crowns, a endeavors to bring endless opportunities to avid artists of all kinds across the globe. The notion behind JJ Crowns is to upraise the talent in the world and to reflect the same with in-depth insights.

It is a different attempt to find out the talents that have been printed. JJ full form is Jay Jagannath, so the way to celebrate achievements globally with the blessings of Lord Jagannath of the world is to connect with JJ Crowns. Whose CEO AND FOUNDER Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda started JJ Crowns with this desire in mind. Which is gradually gaining popularity in a very short span of time. SEO Mr. Farhan Alam Lari, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Miss. Mehak Sarna and other team members have brought JJ Crowns into the limelight in a short period of time. Within two months, JJ Crowns has gained popularity with the 5th project.

Now In this "You Can Write Contest - 2023" We Selected Best 3 Winners (Anushka Pandey, Kavya Kala Bantu, Ankita Gond) and the result decided by our great judge Mr. Sharad SP Jain Sir. And in this competition, it's not about winning or losing. What truly matters is the effort and dedication of all the Participants that they put into it.

To all the writers who have given their valuable time to share some touch of innovation through writing and enhance the beauty of this virtual Awardees show, JJ Crowns team has promoted all of them, hoping for their continued improvement. 

JJ Crowns Proudly Announce Their Names:

Srinidhi Balachandran, Abhishek Ballal, Abhishek Haridasan, Jahnavi Gadepalli, Kamal Nayan Singh, Kavya Kala Bantu, Anushka Pandey, Suman Jhakal, Pratyanshu ( Krish ), Swati Bhargava (नक्षत्र), Saurav Bose, Sourin Chakraborty, Swadhi Sukhtankar, Smitha Nair, Alka Yadav, Dr. Shubha Mukherjee, Shipra Kumari Jha, Hardik Jain, Manisha Mishra, Yogita Sanwal, Ginny Mukesh Jain, Baby Chakraborty, Aanchal, Dr. Sujoyita Pal, Mehak Sarna, Rudra M. Barik, Kant Kaur, Nadeem Bano, Firdous Arjuman, UrvashiGupta (Phoenixxx), Khevana Purohit, Ankita Gond, Sachin Sharma.

At last JJ Crowns really appreciate for your Support, Love, Effort and Co-operation.
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