Dr. Leena Borude: A Pioneer in Ayurveda and Public Health

Dr. Leena Borude has dedicated herself to patient care and public service, viewing the latter as a profound form of service to humanity. With over 20 years of experience, she is the founder of Rakshata Ayurved and Panchakarma, specializing in Panchakarma, Medical Yoga, and Garbhasanskar. Dr. Borude is internationally certified by the Yoga Alliance and serves as an Ayush Yoga evaluator, health blogger, YouTuber, health and wellness coach, and motivational speaker. Her primary focus lies in women’s health, lifestyle disorders management, and school health, areas where she has made significant impacts through her initiatives.

Dr. Borude actively collaborates with NGOs such as the P.M. Shah Foundation and Monera Foundation. Her initiatives include organizing health camps in diverse settings like schools and senior citizen clubs, distributing essential items, and educating teenage girls on menstrual health. She also conducts free health check-ups and provides medicines in remote villages, aiming to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes in underserved communities.

In recognition of her contributions to Ayurveda and public health, Dr. Borude has received numerous accolades, including the Nari Shakti Award, Dhanwantari National Award, Mahila Vaidya Ratna Award, and honors from Ayurved Vyaspeeth. Her influence extends beyond clinical practice; she shares her knowledge widely through health articles published in newspapers and magazines. Additionally, Dr. Borude serves as a jury member for esteemed health-related film festivals and actively participates in the 'Doctor at Your Doorstep' lecture series, demonstrating her commitment to advancing healthcare and holistic wellness for all.
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