Infosys Co-Founder Sparks Debate: A Transformative Vision for India's Work Ethic

In a compelling and thought-provoking conversation, NR Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, has stirred a nationwide discussion with his call for a paradigm shift in India's work culture. He proposes that the country's youth should embrace a 70-hour workweek to elevate India's global competitiveness and work productivity.

Speaking on the inaugural episode of 'The Record,' a podcast by 3one4 Capital, Murthy emphasizes the urgency of changing India's work culture and productivity. He contends that without a significant increase in working hours, India will continue to lag behind economies that have seen remarkable progress in recent decades. Drawing parallels to post-World War II Japan and Germany, he highlights how these nations encouraged extended working hours and dedication as key elements of their recoveries.

Murthy also underscores the need to address other obstacles to India's progress, such as government corruption and bureaucratic inefficiencies. He implores the country's youth to take up the mantle of nation-building, calling on them to say, "This is my country. I'd like to work 70 hours a week," just as the Germans and Japanese did in the aftermath of World War II.

Highlighting the critical role of discipline and increased productivity, Murthy asserts, "And that transformation has to come to youngsters because youngsters form a significant majority of our population at this point of time, and they are the ones who can build our country."

While sparking a lively nationwide debate with diverse opinions on the feasibility of a 70-hour workweek and its impact on work-life balance, Murthy's call for a cultural shift in India's work ethos is resonating with many who believe that a more committed and disciplined approach is necessary to propel India to the next level of development.

Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Ola Electric, expressed his agreement with Murthy's ideas, emphasizing the need for dedication and collective commitment to building a stronger India in a single generation, mirroring the progress achieved by other nations over several generations.

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