Empowering Women: Fueling Progress for All by Ashreeta Mohanty

Economic development and gender equality go hand-in-hand. Societies with greater gender equality not only offer better socio-economic opportunities for women, but also tend to grow faster and more equitably.

It is needless to say that education forms the foundation for empowering women, especially in a country like India. As had been most aptly said educating a woman means educating an entire family.

The place of women in society is a critical factor in judging the success of any civilization. Women are becoming more noticeable and prominent in the professional as well as the public spheres. 

Times are changing. Although very slowly, but they indeed are shifting in favour of women.

By empowering women and girls, we can address poverty, insecurity, and inequality, the greatest challenges of this century.
When women have equal rights in the workplace and the economy, growth and development are stronger. Women are the majority of the world’s poor, but they spend most of their income on their children and families. By addressing their needs, we can slash extreme poverty worldwide. So, gender equality is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do.

No country in the world has achieved gender equality, and women and girls still face outrageous discrimination and violations of their human rights. Equal pay is still not a reality, and 128 countries still have at least one legal difference in how men and women are treated. Violence against women and girls affects one in three women globally, and millions still do not have fundamental sexual and reproductive health and rights.

As we March towards celebrating the International Women's Day 2024, let us build on the lessons learned and make bigger and bolder progress as we work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We can no longer afford to hold back half the world’s population. The upcoming decade has to be different for every woman and girl in the world. 

She must feel Safe and Secure from gender-based violence. She must feel her rights are respected. She should be empowered through equal access to education, resources and equal opportunities for full participation and leadership.

Because equality for women is progress for all!

I want to conclude with this strong quotes on Women by G.D. Anderson-
“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”
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