Mayaa SH | The Fearless Feminist Activist Captures Her Most Impactful Quotes

In a region that is divided by several doctrine of notion, Mayaa SH's  feminism and contemporary prose has transcended boundaries. South Asia is still far from achieving gender equality. The best tribute to her would be to usher upon the next generation of girls with a share of women in both social and economic decision making of women, especially political power to lay the foundation of a strong and civic society.

“If a woman cannot be empowered to take her own life decisions, irrespective of the societal definition of a subjective 'right' and 'wrong', it’s not her transformation.”

Mayaa is an avid campaigner of reinventing the contemporary principles or standards of behavior and which are worth held.

Through her numerous self help books for young girls, poetic pieces and lectures across the subcontinent, she proved that the feminism does not breed contempt and preach misandry but it is vibrant, fun and enormously important to the lives of men, women, transgenders etc in the modern world. Mayaa is associated with numerous activist organizations. She has focused on taking feminist consciousness to rural areas and small towns and bringing activism and theory closer to each other. Her impact will leave a legacy  for years in the name of uplifting women from all strata in society, poems, art and music of the thousands of people that she inspired across South Asia.

Mayaa SH's famous quote personifies the character of the charismatic feminist from India.

"I affirm in a society where women's voices are understood without prejudices and their rights are respected. We talk about progression of our society, however ,the emancipation of radicalisation of gender should be set free in the mindset of many first."

"Since time immemorial, women have been identified either as inferior versions of men or as their direct opposite, characterized through their perceived differences from men; in both cases, women have been denigrated on the basis of these views. Since women have been cast as co-dependent on the masculine individual, the paradigm of the self belief that has gained meritocracy is quintessential to discover absolute truth and transcend cultural norms."

"Gender equality is not restricted to women's rights and issues pertaining to women only, it is a human rights issue. We must not dehumanise any gender that  disrupts equilibrium in a civic society. This sets a precedent of the belief that women cannot be treated as equal to men and understood that equality benefits everyone in a democratic set up."

"It is necessary to repress inner conflict and to police the rigid boundaries of a set notion of being a woman in a water tight compartment of behaving in a  particular manner. A gaslighted woman may lose her sense of self to the point where depression and grieving is appropriate. Once deep rooted in a woman’s psychic economy, internalized oppression conditions her core desires and thereby, socialized to objectify themselves, women are said to become narcissistic, small-minded, and dependent on others’ approval. Women often resist the burden of responsibility for their own freedom which comes at a very heavy price."

“At present, the biological and social effects of women have been mixed in such a way that 'women' from all over the world fall behind the one who talks about 'femininity'. In actuality, if women who are staunch advocates of women's emancipation understand that their actual liberalisation in life lies in their essence of understanding their own ‘self’ first, then fair attitude is the respect of mother nature and their individuality first. This balance will be governed by the combination of qualities and demerits of both men and women. In an attempt to respect herself a strong woman has to restore the light within her as the divine feminine. This will  translate into full equality and respectful relationships."

"Respect is given in life only when we begin to value ourselves first. No woman was ever remembered for what she did but for how she carved her jouney towards a better and peaceful life for herself first. When we are at peace within ourselves only then can we give the same to the outer world. Always remember, your life is not about doing things what others wish you to be good or great at, what matters the most is how and what you perceive about yourself as an individual first and allow that grace to continue to fulfill all aspects of your life holistically. Do not keep any imaginary assumptions about yourself or have any such aspiration which is not in accordance with your nature and against your own value system and set of beliefs that comprise the mettle in you. Life is a forward momentum, keep moving ahead leaving behind situations or opportunities that are no longer serving you."

"Women have institutionalized the backbone of a powerful society on the basis of both morality and ideologies. A strong woman is a personification of both beauty and intellect. Her beauty lies in the power of her dreams and her intellect in her ability to rationalize any situation for Peace and Happiness of all. Women's empowerment can be defined as promoting women's sense of self-worth, their ability to make their own choices and their right to effect social change for themselves and others. Women's accessibility or empowerment of femininity can happen only when all humanity is empowered by this balance. This is the time that such a psychological and spiritual environment should also be created, where men and women can enter on equal footing. Qualities such as nurturing, sensitivity, sweetness, helpfulness, gentleness, warmth, passivity, cooperativeness, expressiveness, politeness, gentleness, empathy, affection, tenderness, and being emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, and understanding are stereotypically feminine."

About The Author 

Mayaa SH is a global humanitarian, a literary Luminary in contemporary literature and a women empowerment culturist. Mayaa SH is a feminist,a literary powerhouse and advocate for human rights of women and their issues across the globe. Mayaa SH also known as Mayaa Devi, Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di, Mayaa Audio SH, Pushpa ‘The Fire’, Padma Of The East, Lady Robin Hood, Lady Karl Marx, MS Dhoni Of Writing, Female Chulbul Pandey and Lady Gandhi is a known name in Contemporary Literature. She is a Multi-National and State Award Winner, a ten times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster, a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and has been chosen as number 1 The Modern Literary Stars Of India, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards for making valuable contribution to Contemporary Indian Literature. She has challenged societal norms through her bold narratives. Mayaa’s significance as a feminist icon lies in her fearless transgression of boundaries and her ability to voice the feminine perspective, making her an essential force in contemporary literature. She has spearheaded an unprecedented doctrine for a stress-free, violence-free society. is a known name in contemporary literature. She is a multi-national and state award winner, a ten-time world record holder, an artist, a podcaster, and a chart-topping international fastest anthology co-author. Mayaa SH is an Indian author, writer, thinker, essayist, and is an advocate of women's empowerment. Her contemporary prose work has highlighted and broken so many stereotypes about women and their power of self-belief.

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