A Philanthropic Heart: Kritika’s Commitment to Social Impact

In the dynamic intersection of fashion, finance, and philanthropy, Kritika Raj Laxmi stands as a beacon of accomplishment, representing not only the glamour of the runway but also the depth of her diverse roles. Hailing natively from the culturally rich city of Patna, Bihar, Kritika is now settled in London ( United Kingdom) and has made an indelible mark on the global stage.

Renowned as a seasoned fashion model, Kritika has graced the catwalks of prestigious fashion weeks in London, Dubai, and Milan. Her elegant stride and captivating presence have earned her accolades, establishing her as a sought-after name in the international fashion circuit.

Adding a layer of distinction to her multifaceted identity, Kritika is currently making waves as a finalist in the Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2024. This esteemed pageant, under the leadership of CEO Mr. Bharat Bhramar, is not only a celebration of beauty but also a platform for women with diverse talents and accomplishments. Mr. Bhramar, who also spearheads the Shanti Sajal Research & Charitable Trust, emphasizes the importance of empowering women beyond the realms of beauty standards.

In a remarkable juxtaposition to her glamorous pursuits, Kritika serves as the Vice President of Quality Assurance in an investment bank in London. Her prowess in the finance sector adds a layer of substance to her profile, showcasing a remarkable blend of beauty and brains.

As she vies for the title of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2024, Kritika continues to break barriers and redefine success on her terms. A true embodiment of grace, intelligence, and compassion, she exemplifies the essence of a modern-day trailblazer. Watch out for Kritika as she continues to shine brightly, leaving an indelible imprint on the global stage.
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