The Timeless Power of Books: Shaping Lives and Minds by Ashreeta Mohanty

Books help you build a better life. They are enriched with knowledge and provide life lessons, teaching you about hardships, love, fear, and every little emotion needed to navigate life. Books guide you like a friend, offering knowledge and wisdom to lead a purposeful and beautiful life.

What is the importance of reading books in one's life?

Books play a significant role in our lives. They shape our careers and thoughts, and sometimes we become the books we read. Books have been around for centuries and contain the knowledge of our past, civilizations, and cultures. Reading nurtures our minds, broadens our perspectives, and sharpens our intellect.

Students should not only strive for academic excellence but also be encouraged to read books that help them become quality human beings. Without a robust reading habit, students miss out on the transformative power of literature.

What is the cause behind declining reading habits?

When was the last time you read a book that interested you? Ask yourself this question, and you may realize how the reading habit is slowly dying.

The sharp decline in reading among Generation Z is alarming and causes greater concern.

Isn't it raising a big question about the future of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, wisdom, and the future of civilization?

What could have caused this?

In my opinion, the immediate reason that comes to mind is the technological tsunami that crashes on our doorsteps every now and then. Even before we fully understand one technology, another is already knocking at our doors with new temptations and competition among young people.

There is no denying that technology has transformed our lives for the better in many ways. However, it has also created an atmosphere where young people believe they can be successful without working hard. Technology offers ways and platforms to become famous quickly, but this cannot compare with the slow and steady understanding gained from reading books.

We are often too busy handling the heaps of information around us that we rarely find time for a book. With screens dominating our waking hours and smartphones becoming a new lifestyle, with overloaded social media content and beyond, books and reading have taken a backseat.

Reading requires time, effort, concentration, and, of course, patience.

What happens when we don’t read?

Slowly, we become unaware of things and life around us. We become ignorant and thoughtless, lose the ability to judge, and become blind believers.

Though life experiences can teach us lessons, they may not be enough. Look at the diverse humanity and our role in it. Is our personal experience sufficient to understand our role in society and our country? The answer is no.

I will give you a small example. You may not be able to travel the world and learn about its people and cultures, but by reading, you can learn what it takes to live responsibly in it.

Can we revive reading innovatively to match today’s times, where soon we will have a generation of working women and more nuclear families? I leave this question to you.

Our nation is well-known for its quest for knowledge and wisdom. As Indians, how can we afford to lose this?

Remember the famous saying: "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
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