Celebrate Influential Indian Personality Awards 2024

"Sky Era International Awards" recently hosted the #InfluentialIndianPersonalityAwards on Saturday, May 4th, at Artbuzz Coworking in Delhi, which is known as the best place for renting shared office space. The event was curated by Mr. Rohan Lodiwal, Founder of Sky Innovation and Services, and Sky Era International Awards, along with event organizer Sky Fiesta Events. The event aimed to celebrate Influential Indian Personality Awards by bringing together various individuals dedicated to influential work and entrepreneurship under the theme #InfluentialPersonalityAwards.

The event was organized by Sky Fiesta Events, founded by Mr. Lodiwal, a full-stack event management and organizing company. The event featured esteemed chief guests Ms. Richa Wahi, Mrs. Rashi and Rima, and Dr. Usha Kiran Moodgal, who engaged with remarkable women entrepreneurs and provided them with essential platforms and resources for growth and success.

The event was sponsored by Kyaa Matlab Network, Oceana Clutches, Kalakriti, and Alexi Fashion. It was covered by Sky Innovation and Services as PR, Sky Media as a media partner, Publishing Pitara as a media partner, and Midday as the whole event coverage partner.
Awardee Names:
1. Anushka Deepak Jere - Literature
2. Vaibhav Sharma - Influencer of the Year
3. Adil Malik - Influencer of the Year
4. JD Singh - Influencer of the Year
5. Abhi Khanduja - Influencer of the Year
6. Neha Jain - Female Influencer of the Year
7. Shaad Malik - Emerging Influencer of the Year
8. Dr. Mayaa SH - Literature
9. Jayanthi Jayam - Emotional Coach/Healer
10. Mrinalini Jayam - Little Artist
11. Shroddha Mukherjee - Literature
12. Achyut Umerji - Literature
13. Mayank Wadhwa - Open Mic
14. Tushar Kiran Moodgal - Open Mic
15. Santoshi Choradia - Literature
16. Ashish Kohli - Emerging Influencer of the Year
17. Rakhi - Open Mic
18. Dhanali Patel - Little Artist
19. Aryan Jere - Little Artist
20. Shivani Thapliyal - Filmmaker
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