JJ Crowns Chose Regal Writing Persona For Inkwell Invitational Writing Contest - 2024

JJ Crowns, an organization dedicated to fostering creativity worldwide, proudly announces the selection of the Majestic Writing Personality for the Inkwell Invitational Writing Contest - 2024. JJ Crowns endeavors to provide endless opportunities to passionate artists worldwide. The underlying ethos of JJ Crowns is to elevate global talent and reflect this through profound insights.

It is an innovative endeavor to uncover the printed talents. The full form of JJ is Jay Jagannath, symbolizing the celebration of achievements globally with the blessings of Lord Jagannath. Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda, the CEO and founder, initiated JJ Crowns with this noble aspiration, which has swiftly gained popularity in a short span of time. SEO Mr. Farhan Alam Lari, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Miss. Mehak Sarna, and other team members have propelled JJ Crowns into the limelight within a brief period.

In the 'Inkwell Invitational Writing Contest - 2024,' we proudly selected the best three winners: Barshita Das, Aparna J, and Dashrath Kumawat 'anajane marusthali.' The results were adjudicated by our esteemed judge Mr. Sharad SP Jain. In this competition, it's not merely about winning or losing; what truly matters is the effort and dedication of all the participants.

To all the writers who generously shared their time to infuse innovation through writing and enhance the beauty of this virtual awards show, the JJ Crowns team has acknowledged and promoted each one, anticipating their continued growth.

JJ Crowns proudly announces the names of the awardees: Apoorva, Rhishabh Gurwara, Usha Shree V, Soniya Goyal, Durgadasi Nath Sharma, Khan Firdous, Karishma, Shweta Ghorawat, Harpreet M Caur, Achyut Umarji, Sonika, Dashrath Kumawat 'anajane marusthali,' Savita Chauhan, Smaranika Shradhanjali, Mahima, Pinky Dewangan, Abinaya GR, Samarth Nandagudi U, Aritra Datta, R.Vaibhav, Pandit KK Prajapati, Swati Vaishnav, Muskan Jain, Tony Sagar. Chiluvuri, Aparna J, Shreyasi Hati, Sneh Jyoti, Krishna Varsha Sagi, Marissa Keen, Lakshmi.R.K, Bhagyashree Singh Dasila, Nidarshana Das, Barshita Das, Meghaa Mundhra, Ashu Verma Chaubey, Dr. Vibhav Saxena, Sandeep Yadav, and others.

In conclusion, JJ Crowns sincerely appreciates your support, love, effort, and cooperation.
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