Reflections of the Soul: The Magic Within Mirrors and Life's Purpose by Hema N

"Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?"

A spell in Snow white, a tale of magic, beauty and evil; Ah! did anyone even know that the magic of reflection has so much meaning and relevance in our real lives too? Mirror shows us who we are outside in and at times, to live in the moment. When we peep into our deep eyes to get our answers, there's a rendezvous of mind and soul. The magic tales talk volumes about foreseeing life in the tomorrow. The wizards and witches have impacted timelines depicting future.

We are engrossed in the hustle of life, in a race to live well, establishing a position for ourself in the society. At times we feel knocked, we want a pause, a silence, a break from everything, a serene peace. We seek the company of loved ones, meet old friends, we burn out in the serendipity of nature, trying to validate our feelings, we inhale from the outside. One needs to look inside, read the energy, set the aura right and cleanse ourselves from the staggered thoughts.

When in doubt, when fears torment and frustration annoys, it's time to reflect. The pause and re-start is the best medicine. Let the going get tough and the mirror-talk make one tough and get going. A little girl who stood in a room full of mirrors realised that it was the society that surrounded her, she laughs and the mirrors reciprocates; she cries and the mirrors reciprocates that too, so she chooses the former. Shatter the mirror without spirit, vanquishing the inner demon, making a come back is a story indeed.

Reflections and introspection happens with self talk and mirror can help one do it without inhibitions. Mirror shows us our expression of every facet and the people around us. A death like silence surrounds us when the thoughts are chaotic. Mirror does the talking when every other therapy fails. Who we are, where we need to reach and what our purpose is, decides so many things that a complex life cannot untangle.

A life without purpose is like the lake that is dry, a tree without leaves and a sky without stars. Understanding oneself is primarily the most amazing part of living a good and meaningful life. Success is just a step away when the journey is smooth. 

Yet life is neither a magic spell nor an undesirable hell, it is but an effort to make meaning out of life.

About The Author

Hema N is an Assistant Professor with RV Institutions, Bengaluru and a soft skill trainer. She is a Writer, Orator, Social activist and Evangelist.

She has been honoured with several prestigious awards and accolades a few to mention like APJ Kalam's achiever award, Asia book of records awards etc. She is a representative of several councils like WICCI, G100 and Scholars of India.

She has authored atleast 5 books and written several articles as a columnist. 

Her other interests of being fitness freak, zumba enthusiast, Belly dancer has kept her grounded. She is also a fashion model with titles of Mrs Karnataka Runner up Voguestar India, Mrs India World, participant etc. She has organised several events and hosted state level book exhibitions. 

She believes in the Stoic philosophy and believes Life is beautiful when one explores it positively.
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