Renosha A: A Symphony of Words and Wisdom

Renosha A, a distinguished Master in English Literature, an accomplished author, co-author, poetess, and prolific writer hailing from the serene Tenkasi District of Tamil Nadu, India. She is a versatile and insightful storyteller, renowned for her captivating poems, engaging short stories, fascinating quotes, insightful travelogue, and thought-provoking articles that deeply resonate with readers. She is dedicated to nurturing a community of aspiring writers and enthusiasts, offering mentorship and guidance to foster creativity and empower emerging talents to find their voice.

Published Solo Books:

1. Life of an Angel

2. Words of Wonders

3. A Journey Through Time and Stone-Mahabalipuram

4. Eyes of the Heart: A Century of Poetic Vision

Collaborative Works:

Renosha has collaborated about 50 Anthologies among them

- Unwind Vol-3
-Beyond the Words
-Chromatic Chants: An Indian Poetry Anthology
-Poetic World's Collide Here....
-Landlord of Heaven
-Time to Say Goodbye and Hello
-Ek Naya Safar
-Sirf Tum
-Tandem Tales
And so on


- Aura e-magazine
- Aviral Patrika 
- JJ Crowns Magazine

Awards & Accolades:

1. Prestigious Book of World Records 
2. Global Prestigious Award
3. International Icon Award 2024
4. International Star Award
5. Proud India Ratna Award-2024
6. Vishwa Ratna Sammaan
7. Rashtriya Pratibha Sammaan
8. Rashtriya Pratishtha Puruskar
9. Splendid Book of Records Award - 2024
10. Indian Excellence Award-2023 (Versatile Author)
11. 21st Emily Dickinson Award
12. Jollie Literary Award
13. Best Poetess Award-2024
14. Best Author of the Year - 2023
15. Extravaganza Author Award
16. Enthusiastic Writer Award-2024
17. Excellence in Writing Award-2024
18. Attainer's Award-2024
19. Top 200 Artist of India
20. Magical Hands Award
21. Best Academic Performer Award
22. Top 60 Writers of 2024
23. The Most Outstanding Aspiring Writer of the Month (December)
24. Literary Awards 2024
25. Attainer's Award 2024

Awards Beyond Writing:

1. Received an honorarium of Rs. 20,000 from Mr. C. Khaiser Ahmed, the Secretary & Correspondent of Islamiah Women's Arts & Science College, Vaniyambadi, in recognition of my remarkable achievements.
2. First Prize in Imaginative Inkling National Writing Contest
3. Best Writer of "Non- Smoking Day" Writing Challenge 
4. First Position in English Language on the topic March Seasonal Changes 
5. Second Prize in a Debate Competition on Election Awareness Lok Sabha Election-2024, and received the prize from the District Collector of Thirupattur
6. Second Prize in National and International level Competition
7.Second Position in English Language on the topic "A World Without Pollution"
8. Second Prize in JJ Crowns 6th Month Anniversary Event
9. First Position as the best Co-author in "Forever Yours" Anthology 
10. Second Position as the best writer in "Apni Dastaan" Anthology
11. "A" grade in Drawing Contest
12. Third Prize in Caption Contest
13. Third Prize in Tamil Essay Competition
14. First Prize in Poetry Competition conducted on Teacher's Day
15. Secured top two Positions in numerous daily and weekly challenges

Engrossed in Literary Pursuits:

Renosha enthusiastically engaged in numerous Seminars, Webinars, and International Conferences, where she explored diverse topics including Indian Writing in English, Women's Empowerment, Interview Skills, Criticism from Plato to Eliot, Revolutionizing English Classroom: The Impact of Contemporary Technologies, and One Day Workshop on Nuances of Research Writing demonstrating her fervent commitment to lifelong learning and knowledge dissemination.

Trainings & Courses:

Certified in Digital 101 Journey organized by SkillsDa INGU's Knowledge Academy and sponsored by NASSCOM

Certified in the prestigious Swayam Course titled "Indian Poetry in English"

Certification in Basic Accounts and Tally, Islamiah Women’s Arts & Science College, Vaniyambadi.
43-day Training Program in Skill Development Conducted by Tamilnadu Skill Development Corporation, Vaniyambadi.
5-day Outreach Teaching Program'22 for school students conducted by Khaderia Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Vaniyambadi.
7-day Soft Skill Development Training Program conducted by Mahendra Prime Classroom.
6-day Outreach Teaching Program'24 for secondary school students conducted by Khaderia Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Vaniyambadi.

Leadership Roles:

1. PG Department Secretary for the year 2023-2024
2. Ambassador in Student's Council
3. Co-host in the Global Literary Circle and Publishers
4. Community Intern Head in the Literary Spinners Community
5. Served as a Volunteer in the Youth Red Cross.

Step into the enchanting world of her writings, where each page beckons exploration, every verse promises a transformative journey, and every story extends an invitation to traverse the boundless realms of imagination and emotion.
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