Sree Varshini: An Odyssey of Literary Excellence

Join us on a journey through the illustrious career of Sree Varshini, a literary luminary whose name resonates with excellence and innovation. From her humble beginnings to her global acclaim, Varshini's path is adorned with a dazzling array of awards and honors, each testament to her unparalleled talent and dedication to the craft of writing.

Awards and Recognitions

1. Rashtriya Pratisshtha Puraskar Award
2. Vishwa Ratna Sammaaan Award
3. International Star Award
4. Prestigious Book of World Records
5. May Month Contributor from Drop of Change Publication
6. May Month Contribution of Creative Writing
7. Best Contributor of Mother's Day Special Magazine from Drop of Change Publication
8. Best Contributor of Holi Special Magazine from Drop of Change Publication
9. Best Contributor of April Magazine from Drop of Change Publication
10. Enthusiastic Writer Award from Drop of Change Publication
11. Best Author Award 2024
12. 21st Century Geoffrey Chaucer Award
13. Top 19 Most Unique Writers of 2023
14. Pulitzer Prize in Poetry Award
15. Top 3 Personalities Who Inspire People in India Award
16. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Seva Samman Award 2024
17. WAC Humanitarian Award 2024
18. International Excellence Award 2024
19. Indian Icon Award
20. Bharat Kavi Ratna Award
21. Top 60 Writer's Award
22. Nav Bharat Seva Ratna Award
23. Rabindra Ratna Puraskar Award
24. Asia Icon Award 2024
25. Indian Excellence Award 2024
26. Placed in India Book of Records
27. Placed in Limca Book of Records
28. Extravaganza Author Award 2024
29. Rashtriya Pratishtha Samman Award 2024
30. Proud Indian Ratna Award 2024
31. Best Contributor of March Month 2024 in Drop of Change Publication
32. Young Achiever of the Year 2k24
33. Top 60 Writers of 2024
34. Kamban Kalaga Virudhu 2024
35. Nobel Prize in Literature
36. Elite Female Essayist Luminary Prize
37. Lifetime Achievement Award
38. Versatile Writer of the Year 2k24
39. 21st Century Wilfred Owen Award
40. 21st Century Stéphane Mallarmé Award
41. 21st Century Richard Condon Award
42. 21st Century John Updike Award
43. 21st Century George Plimpton Award
44. Sirandha Magalir Virudhu 2024
45. Best Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2k24
46. Premier Female Short Fiction Luminary Award
47. Golden Poet of the Year 2k24
48. 21st Century Sidney Sheldon Award 2024
49. National Best Poet Award 2024
50. 21st Century Louis Dudek Award
51. 21st Century Rosamond Lehmann Award
52. 21st Century Santa Montefiore Award
53. Placed in Asian Book of Records under the Category of Solo Female Achiever in Tamil Nadu
54. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Samman Award 2k24
55. Swami Vivekanand Award 2024
56. 21st Century Derek Walcott Award 2024
57. Valluvar Virudhu 2024
58. Super Beautiful Girl of Universe Award 2024
59. Maha Kavi Virudhu 2023
60. United India National Award 2024
61. National Achievers Award
62. Writer of Distinction Award 2024
63. Best Author of the Year - Female
64. Outstanding Literary Achievement Award
65. Best Writer Award 2024
66. The Poet of Emotions Plaque Award 2024
67. Ilam Saadhanai Aalar Virudhu from Aram Arakkaattalai
68. Indian Excellence Award 2023
69. Top 12 Global Personalities
70. World Book of Records - Talent Certificate Council - Arts and Creativity
71. Best English Writer Award 2024
72. Wordsmith Excellence Award 2024
73. Top 13 India's Upcoming Stars
74. Top 10 Leading Female Authors of the Year 2k24
75. World's Best 20 Write-Ups Competition - 3rd Place
76. India Pride Icon Award 2024
77. Top 5 Young Indian Writers
78. Placed in Excellence Book of Records
79. 21st Century Charles Dickinson Award
80. India's Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award
81. Outstanding Achievement Award
82. Young Achiever Award
83. Best Resource Person Award
84. Vigyan Varta All-Rounder Award
85. Innovative Young Researcher Award
86. Best Researcher Award
87. Best Research Scholar Award
88. Best Poem Writer Award
89. Best Story Writer Award
90. Best Short Story Writer Award
91. Best Article Writer Award
92. Best Quote Writer Award
93. All India's Best Writer Award (3 Times)
94. Passionate Writer Award
95. Unique Writer Award
96. Best Reciter Award
97. Best Compiler Award

Additional Achievements

- 100 trophies and 75 medals
- Author of 9 solo books
- Holder of 10 world records
- Recipient of 1000 certificates
- Author of 3000 poems
- Author of 1000 short stories
- Proficient English and French Writer


Sree Varshini's unparalleled accomplishments stand as a testament to her extraordinary talent, relentless dedication, and unwavering passion for the written word. As she continues to inspire generations of readers and writers alike, her legacy remains firmly etched in the annals of literary history, a shining beacon of excellence for aspiring wordsmiths around the world.
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