Ridhima Ranpise: From Runways to Financial Frontiers

Ridhima Ranpise is a multifaceted professional, renowned as the winner of the CEO program at ThinkStartup in IIT Bombay. With a passion for hardcore finance, she is currently pursuing her CFP and BBA degrees, showcasing her expertise in money matters and business planning.

Beyond her financial acumen, Ridhima boasts a diverse background, having delved into the fashion and modeling industry for nearly two years. Her stellar presence earned her the coveted title of Style Icon of India, where she graced runways as both a showstopper and show opener.

A true creative at heart, Ridhima is a workaholic who has co-authored two books and is diligently crafting her independent novel. Leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit, she is actively engaged in developing her business venture, "Finance Creators," which played a pivotal role in securing her victory in the CEO program at IIT Bombay.
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