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Divya Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of SGSH Publications. She lives in the City of dreams Mumbai. She graduated in Bsc Chemistry in 2022. She received many awards and certificates in her childhood journey. She eventually started her writing journey on 9th November 2020. And she published her first book titled “The Beauty Of Quotes” on the 4th of April 2021. As a writer, Divya Trivedi was always curious about how publishing companies are printing and listing the books. Like the processes behind it, what makes a publication best, the processes of start-up, what kind of impact it creates in the writing community, etc.

She never thought of starting a publication house, but as we know hard work always pays off. First she was the co author in many publications, then she have compiled many books in other publications, then she worked as a project head and then she felt something is missing in the publishing industry. So After learning and getting to know everything one by one, she decided to start her publication, not for anything else but just to Spread Goodness Spread Happiness around the world through books. That’s why she started a publication named SGSH Publication. SGSH publication was started on 30th October 2021 founded by Miss Divya Trivedi. She worked really hard to establish a well-known publication with a good mission like SGSH but due to some problems she decided to handover the publication to other member and she wanted to start her own publication named as Satyamev Jayate Publication but some founder of other publications make her realise the hard work in SGSH Publications, so that time she continued but later she realised publication is a business and in business sometimes we have to be strict, we have to be bold, we have to say Truth. But with SGSH name she was uncomfortable working in publication so she decided to Change the SGSH Publication to Kitab Writing Publication on 4th of March 2023. Till now, she has published 1000+ solo books, 200+ anthologies and 10000+ books printed by her publication which is not possible without her constant and dedicated efforts from her side. Divya Trivedi aims no matter what always stay real and honest with customers. She wants to achieve this only with sincerity, honesty, and hard Work. She knows there are thousands of Publications, many even at top positions, but for Kitab Writing Publication she aims not just to provide publishing services but also she tries to provide writers Motivation and to Spread Truth. In the meantime 15th May, 2024 she have purchased one underrated publication Story Spinner Publication but that was her biggest lost.
Kitab Writing Publication grew well, 5 star rating on Google reviews, 99% Return ration but again the publication has to face this challenge and the challenge is for Trademark ™️ Registration Kitab Writing was very common name, and there was complications; so again she have started SGSH Publications. It’s not easy to start and close, close and start but her aim is right, maybe some decisions are wrong. She has learned many things. And as she was not from a commerce background so she is trying her best to serve the best.

Now SGSH Publications have fire in her work. She is going to make it big. No matter what Divya Trivedi will never give up.

Her biggest inspiration was people around her, who always inspired her and trusted her work. In SGSH Publications

She has been awarded multiple and prestigious titles mentioned below:

1. Best publication of the year 2022 from Incredible Indian Awards

2. National book of records

3. Fastest growing publication in 2023 from World wide book of records

4. Asia’s Top 100 Entrepreneur 2023

5. Indian archiver forum and many more Google articles, magazine.

She publishes books and anthologies. Her publication is unique because of her Honesty, Hard Work and consistent efforts. In her opinion, earning money from the business is a little easy but when she has authors coming to her again and approaching her to publish their write-ups with full happiness and satisfaction is what makes her unique. Each of her team members are very happy to work. More than a work and for money, they too are inspired by the mission of the publication and work for that. So not just the founder herself but every last member of her team is working for the same motto and writers are happy. She just sees this publication as the Best Publication in this world and also she sees herself as a Best Motivational Speaker for writers and Best Entrepreneur in the world. With her constant dedication she is going to reach the skies beyond the limit with flying colors. Her journey was a bit up and down, but setting up this publication is one of the best choices she has ever made.

Spread Goodness, Spread Happiness!
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