"When You Are Famous You Are Bound To Be Termed Characterless" | Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is not Just a Name but an Ideology in the vast kaleidoscope of contemporary literature. Indeed the Quintessential Indian for yes that is her most loved and treasured identity!
Mayaa SH's genius lies in how she frames her message: speaking truth to patriarchy, and providing support to the most battered, using language that communicated directly, simply, and energetically with all. Her discourse is never boring. She has had an extraordinary ability to distil the essence of what was often presented as a complicated political feminist debate, into simple rhyme, rhythm and song. The confidence, élan and immense abandon with which she communicates the concepts of feminism in multiple idioms to a very diverse group of people was exceptional. Charismatic and without self-consciousness, she uses her ability to be uninhibited and frank to bring the unusual into conversation, and startle the mind to drop its defences, to open up to newer possibilities. According to Mayaa "When A Woman Is Extremely Independent, she is definitely termed Characterless, and that one word becomes the secret of her successful on the parabola of Life". Blessings In Disguise.
Mayaa has connected people across borders and hearts specially in India with Love, Joy and Deep Friendship. A passionate uncompromised feminist, multifaceted champion of social justice, exuberant scintillating personality who has touched each and every person she has met in a special way. As always the tributes pour in from different nooks and corners one realizes the kind of hope and strength she has brought to so many people. Mayaa, as we all know her, is a person who fills everybody’s heart with love and respect whoever comes in touch with her. Her heart knows no bounds of whatever identity a person bore to extend herself. It’s amazing to see how her candid conversations have turned into beautiful spaces for all to laugh, pour their hearts out, enjoy jokes, sing and dance for her famous slogan of “Vichaar”. Mayaa's ideology of women to accept the fact that they can be called a 'Feminist'; if they so believe in gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE). Mayaa has emphasised on the word ‘Feminism’ to be understood not as being very derogatory and for people to think feminists are only firebrands and bra-burning radicals like in the West”. Such is the power of communications of Mayaa hat one cannot but be compelled/swayed by her clarity of thought and mission to dismantle the structural rigidity of patriarchy. Mayaa SH is always remembered like this – a powerhouse of knowledge, energy, passion, commitment, humble with an innate ability to embrace diversity and vicissitudes of life, attract detractors, a powerful voice for the downtrodden, and above all an inspiration for the feminist movement with an amazing laughter that is so infectious powerhouse, the most joyous, most committed, most loved. The ideology of Mayaa SH can only be explained with superlatives somehow she uses in her bold narratives and the vast reach of her fan following. She has made progressive positive positioning of feminism a brand of it’s own, linked it deeply to human rights and weaved her articles and art to complete her mosaic. Her ability to bond, blend and build has remains unparalleled. When the concept of Mayaa SH's mindset was created, they broke the notion. When Mayaa's ideology served, she broke the notion of rigidity around the viewpoint of societal outlook towards widows, divorcees etc. After studying Mayaa's work one can feel that perhaps one can come a little closer to understanding what feminist work involves. Women can learn to disagree and listen. Women can begin to see themselves as beneficiaries of and participants in a long and continuing struggle for gender equality that courageous women like Mayaa lead.

About The Author

Mayaa SH is an Indian developmental feminist activist, poet, authoress and a social scientist. Mayaa's work focus on gender, education, human development and the media. Mayaa has rejected the notion that feminism is a western concept. She has stressed that Indian feminism has its roots in its own struggles and tribulations. Self-Assertion and Empowerment: Mayaa SH's work is marked by a sense of self-assertion and empowerment. She encourages women to break free from the shackles of social norms and assert their independence and agency. Her work often is an embodiment of a spirit of rebellion and defiance. Mayaa has always raised a voice against the conventionalized figure of a woman, seeking a more dignified and honourable position for woman as an entity. In fact all her work addresses the most critical issue in the contemporary society-the need to awaken the women. The authoress Mayaa SH is inextricably linked to Indian feminism's past; in fact, 
she has asserted the notion of gender gap with reference to almost every domain in which women are not given their due rights. Mayaa has made the most of her works to eloquently capture the pleasures and sufferings of women folk. No matter what she inks, one may always aim to depict some of the most contentious aspects of Indian culture, especially the pressing challenges facing women. Understanding Mayaa SH's works require understanding her personal life narrative, which is so intricately intertwined with her work that one cannot be tackled without the assistance of the other. Mayaa SH experienced the tremendous hurdles of a complex disaster of people's viewpoint towards feminism in totality in India. Her instinctive opposition to stereotyping, possibly gives her an innate understanding of the basis of prejudice and bigotry, and the harm it can do individually and collectively. Throughout her life, she has seen partnerships fall apart. She has observed and experienced the blind patriarchy's power over many women, which crushes all of the goals, aspirations, and concerns for the health of women at large. With her immense energy, Mayaa has managed to extract some of the most contentious works of Indian English writing from the turmoil. The poetess fiercely objects to men's dominance and the subsequent diminution of women. Nobody looks out for the woman's goals and aspirations since she is expected to follow specific traditional duties. Conversational cadence and language convey the level of dissent. It represents the entire womanhood's fight against the male ego. The delight of reading Mayaa SH's work is an honest and direct representation of feminine sensibility. She has defied established, methodical, and customary standards and ideals and upholds a way of living that is distinguished by an unusual and radically contemporary viewpoint. Inspired as One of the most well-known feminists of highlighting the extension of the postcolonial era is Mayaa SH. The works of Mayaa SH is essentially feminist which is deeply rooted in the cultural context of patriarchal heritage of the country. The focus of al her work is contemporary placing the highlight as a woman—as a wife, a mother, the poems in which Mayaa has described the personality and disposition of all are those in which her feminine sensibility comes through most strongly and eloquently. One of her works "I Only Speak Titanium", is infused with a feminine sensibility. The feminine sensibility of Mayaa SH forces her to characterize many as a self-centered, cowardly men who treat many women as an objectified commodity to be treating a woman like a prisoner. Mayaa's articles are distinctly feminine due to the common female themes and even the images and symbols she uses. Both the subject matter and the tone of her work are feminine. Indeed, in her works, she skilfully combines feisty female protest with endearing feminine feelings. Mayas SH's personality is towering and she is versatile. She has an amazing connection with grassroot level understanding of the hearts of millions in the country and at the same time she is comfortable with elites. She is a feminist activist, authoress, poetess, peace and human rights, social and legal activist. But, the most important thing is that she is a great human being. 
Mayaa is known across the contemporary for her work on women’s rights and for promoting people-to-people contact between India and other parts of the world.In her life and work, she has embodied the themes of resistance to injustice and reform to emancipate. Mayaa SH is one of a kind in every way possible. She has combined her intellectual knowledge of Patriarchy and underlying causes of gender discrimination with practical solutions that included music, humor and of course her deep humanity and belief in human rights of all people everywhere. However, the most defining aspect of her personality is her ability to love, to embrace and include. Mayaa SH is a Championer of Women’s Rights, Authoress, Public Intellectual, and a former corporate juggernaut, Mayaa SH is a recognised crusader on Indian’s contemporary verve of economics, freedom of the press, gender neutrality and human rights, Mayaa has authored 11 bestselling works as essayed as self help books and co-authored more than 150 books. She is a multi National and State Award Winner and a 12, times world record holder who has numerous accolades that have won her global recognition as well. Her power of self belief has helped many across the country to rediscover and reignite with themselves. This has institutionalised her infinite belief in “The Power Of A Determined Mind” and helped provide respite to many with her talks. Mayaa SH, is a literary luminary and is a fierce advocate for women's empowerment and positive feminism. Recognized by the United Nations, she challenges societal norms and addresses gender inequality. With over 150 anthologies and nine solo books to her credit, Mayaa SH envisions a society where women have equal rights, contributing to the nation's development. Her impactful contributions resonate globally, inspiring change.Mayaa SH, a literary powerhouse and advocate for women’s empowerment, challenges societal norms through her bold narratives. Her writings, breaking stereotypes, echo gender inclusivity, earning global acclaim and multiple awards. Addressing women’s daily challenges and advocating for equal rights, she navigates stress and inspires hope through her self-help books, expertly discussing sensitive issues like suicide prevention. Mayaa’s direct storytelling, rooted in culture, deeply resonates, reflecting intimate human dilemmas. Her significance as a feminist icon lies in her fearless transgression of boundaries and her ability to voice the feminine perspective, making her an essential force in contemporary literature.
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