Celebrating Excellence: The Splendid Book of Records Award 2024 by JJ CROWNS


JJ CROWNS is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to bringing captivating stories to life and connecting diverse talents with audiences worldwide. Rapidly emerging as a prominent player in the industry, JJ CROWNS is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and unique approaches.

Our Journey and Vision

"JJ CROWNS" embarks on an awe-inspiring journey into the depths of the universe, serving as a remarkable platform by a renowned organization. JJ CROWNS strives to offer endless opportunities to avid artists of all kinds across the globe. The core mission of JJ CROWNS is to elevate global talent and provide in-depth insights into their extraordinary journeys.

Celebrating Global Talent

JJ CROWNS is a distinctive initiative designed to discover and showcase hidden talents. Rooted in the full form "Jay Jagannath," JJ CROWNS celebrates global achievements with the blessings of Lord Jagannath. Founded by the visionary Miss Jyotirmayee Panda, JJ CROWNS has rapidly gained popularity. Under the leadership of SEO Mr. Farhan Alam Lari, Editor-in-Chief Miss Mehak Sarna, and other dedicated team members, JJ CROWNS has become a spotlight in a very short period.

Award Announcements

We are thrilled to announce our award nominees for the "Splendid Book Of Records Award - 2024." This prestigious recognition celebrates individuals who have inspired others and made a positive impact in their respective fields, spanning across the world. Each award is given to outstanding personalities who have excelled in their domains. 

Glad To Announce All Of Our Award Nominees:

Renosha A, Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan, Kasturi Sinha, Chahat Jain, Achyut Umarji , Reyansh Renjith, Dr. Ashok Laxmi Sahu, Tanu Tripathi, Kalyani Nayak, Gaurav Chaudhary, Rudra Abhishek Ballal, Priya Jamatia, Ankit Ratiram Garg, Danish Jahangir, Dr. Arnesh Garg, Jayant Jagtap, Mohd Badar, Ms. Zeenat Barkatali Merchant, Mehwish Aijaz, Ruhi Rajendra Bade, Karnika Vivek Verma, Mulla Afsana, Pratyanshu Mohanty, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Dr.Mayaa SH, Tony Jesuraj, Muhammad Umar Navalgund, Padmanabha Edigar, Shubhangi Sharma, Aman Raaj, Divya Chowdary, Deepa Nayak, Priya Goel, Sardar Dr. Satyavada And Many More.


JJ CROWNS remains committed to promoting and improving the talents of extraordinary individuals. We look forward to continuing our journey of discovering and celebrating excellence globally.

JJ CROWNS: Connecting Talents, Celebrating Excellence.
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