Public Advisory: Addressing Defamatory Rumours and Protecting Dr. Mayaa SH's Reputation

To The Media Representatives, PR and Whomsoever It Concerns 

As brought to light by Dr Mayaa SH in the light of the security of the state, foreign relations, public order, maintenance of decency, morality, contempt of court (if any) and derogatory rumours and remarks for the extreme losses suffered due to the floating of tampering the image and goodwill of her right to reputation under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution as a fundamental and natural right, this public advisory is issued in the sixth month of the year, June 2024 in light of the recent chain of events that has created disruption in the normal professional work of Dr Mayaa SH.

Dr Mayaa SH is a renowned authoress, developmental feminist, social and legal activist and an avid mentor who has saved lives of many girls and women in the country by her remedial medium of navigating people through stress. She is a reputed and highly respected figure in India and a multi National Awardees with many international acclaims as well. Apart from this at her stature she has been involved in several social services continuously for the last specific years and has a perfect image in the eyes of the general public as a responsible citizen of the country. She has been incredibly aligned with numerous initiatives and NGO's and an avid member of the Indian Writing Industry as well wherein she has contributed significantly to the work of almost every publication house including communities like Karb-E-Ehaas wherein she has known the founder well along with many others .She has also maintained strict professional demeanour and processional work protocols while moving on for the professional growth from communities like Karb-E -Ehsaas etc and few.That her few well wishers and close aides informed her that they were taken aback to witness and be guided to believe the news and other electronic media widely distributed that few knowingly and irresponsibly have made defamatory and endeavoured to spread false and with a malicious intent to harm the reputation of her and her professional connects with the knowledge that the statements made are false and to lower her reputation in the eyes of the general public ahead of her National Awards wins this year. That the concocted that without verification of the background of the source made by anybody is or will be being considered as defamatory, false, concocted and have wicked the image of Dr Mayaa SH.The excerpts of terms like a 'characterless woman', 'broker of anybody'; 'getting marriages' fixed for commercial purposes, 'trading reputation of any girl's, 'behan bhai' etc has severely been displayed and exposed to by the general public which has led to Dr Mayaa being unnecessary getting hassled into matters not concerning her at all. Therefore, in the light of recent one month and with discussion of media partners and her goodwill of work, it is thereby afterthought that going forward, legal notices and petition under sections of the Indian Penal Code to issue an apology before the general public made in light of Dr Mayaa SH will warrant to file a criminal complaint(s) across three specific states and take necessary legal actions against 'few' who are either in college or have just started working in the age group of 18 till 28 years at the cost of the opposite party, risk and consequences as damages.

We appreciate your understanding and respect Dr Mayaa SH's work and her high credibility of the years invested to reach a point of where she is.

As a responsible and law-abiding citizen, Dr Mayaa SH has always followed the path of righteousness and morak conduct to give justice to many women in the country through her selfless service .We urge the media and public at large to verify facts before making any assumptions and help nab the culprits or perpetrators of likely hate speech / crime spreading misinformation.

We appreciate your understanding and respect for her privacy during this challenging time. Should you have any further questions, please direct them directly to her.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Issued In Public Interest
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