Ink and Inspiration: The Life of Ashreeta Mohanty

Ashreeta Mohanty was born and raised in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, in a close-knit joint family. Her father, a state government employee, and her mother, a dedicated housewife, provided a nurturing environment alongside her younger brother, grandmother, and extended family. The familial bond played a significant role in shaping her values and aspirations.

Her formal education began at the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Integral Education in Bhubaneswar, where she completed her 10th board examination in 2007. Despite her lean physique, which kept her away from sports and other physical activities, her intellect shone brightly in the classroom. She never attended tuition classes, relying instead on interactive classroom studies. Her interests lay in Science and Literature, and in her free time, she indulged in painting.

During her high school years, Ashreeta joined the Scouts and Guides, an experience that fostered her sense of responsibility and teamwork. Encouraged by her class teacher, she began writing for the school’s yearly magazine, "Swarna Setu". This marked the beginning of her writing journey. The school principal, who later became a close mentor, further inspired her. He was working on his PhD thesis and often shared the process with Ashreeta, fostering her appreciation for scholarly writing. He also published a quarterly magazine, "Sudhadhara", and encouraged her to contribute, igniting her passion for literature.

Following her schooling, Ashreeta pursued a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at CV Raman University, fulfilling her father’s dream. Initially, she struggled due to her Odia medium background but soon excelled with the support of her faculty. She then advanced to Trident Academy of Technology for her B-Tech in the same field. Despite her academic success, she faced disappointment in campus placements, leading to a period of frustration.

In December 2013, she moved to Bangalore in search of better opportunities. After months of struggle, she secured a job at the Hinduja Group but found it unsatisfactory due to low pay and high workload. Determined to find a better position, she eventually landed a higher-paying job at Hi-Power. However, this demanding phase left her disconnected from her writing.

In 2018, Ashreeta returned to Odisha and began working at an ITES firm in Bhubaneswar in 2019. A colleague introduced her to guest blogging, which rekindled her writing passion. Positive feedback from readers motivated her to explore more opportunities. She participated in online writing communities, competitions, and collaborations with publishing houses, contributing to numerous anthologies and e-magazines.

Her writing gained recognition, leading to multiple awards and features in various publications. In 2023, she was honored with the Indian Excellence Awards by JJ Crowns publishing house and was featured in their Celebrity Magazine. This period marked a significant revival in her writing career.

In December 2020, Ashreeta married and moved to Amlai, Madhya Pradesh. Her supportive husband encouraged her to pursue her writing dreams. She continued to write, contributing to her husband’s office competitions and winning accolades. This support system allowed her to flourish, balancing her personal and professional life.

Ashreeta’s contributions to literature have been vast. Her first published write-up in an anthology "Disabled Society" was titled "Colour Purple," with Rosewood Publication. She later participated in several other anthologies by this publishing house, including "Women the Warrior", "Things that Matter", "When Hiraeth Whispered", and "Oblivion". She has also sent her write-up for one of their e-magazines.

She completed an audiobook project with Maybeify Publisher named "Welcome to Your Tape," where she wrote on "Self-Esteem." She also participated in another anthology named 'd'être seul'.

An active member of writer's_empire, Ashreeta loves taking part in their contests as a jury member and contributing to their e-magazine. They felicitated her on their first anniversary.

Ashreeta published another anthology named "Ignited Love" with Axen Publishing and participated in their campaign in collaboration with Muskurahat Foundation, raising awareness of child education.

She was awarded the Indian Excellence Awards - 2023 by JJ Crowns publishing house and was featured in their Celebrity Magazine Summer edition in April 2024. She gave her first interview to KoalaKraft Community, followed by timesbharatofficial and ambitionofficial.

Ashreeta also took part in a book exhibition as a keynote speaker conducted by National Change Maker Forum in association with KoalaCraft Community. Her write-up for the International Literature Council for Women, about "Media Portrayal of Women," got selected and published in interviewtimes. She attended their seminar on Mental Health and shared her viewpoints alongside other eminent authors.

Publishing Pitaara awarded her with Top 5 Visionary Women of 2023. They later published her articles on women empowerment and the importance of book reading.

HolisticPine awarded her its Sahitya Puraskar in October 2023 and the Golden Pen Literary Award. She wrote an article on "Financial Independence of Women" for the International Women's Emporium. The interview magazine RLC featured her in their blog in December 2023.

Ashreeta decided to publish her solo book and approached Lotus Publication, which accepted her request. The cover of her book, "Finding Inner Peace," has been revealed. The book focuses on establishing a connection between spirituality and mental health.

She participated in the Earth Conference 2024 by Rashtriya Lekhak Sammam and presented her article on "Environment and Sustainability." WritersKalam Publishing conferred her with Top Six Inspirational People of 2024.

Ashreeta is active in campaigns helping underprivileged children and contributing her bit for them. The Women's History Museum Foundation approached her for permanent membership, which she took in February 2024, and they will facilitate her this month. MS Venture (news and media website) featured her in their blog in March 2024, and she received the City Excellence Award, covered by India News Index.

She successfully created her profile on Wikiflux in April 2024, which she considers a small milestone. The Entrepreneur Ethics (media-news company) featured her on their blog on Young Indian Entrepreneurs. HerStoryTimes selected her as their goodwill ambassador and tagged her as a woman climate warrior on International Earth Day.

Ashreeta recently attended the Artist's International Conference and a workshop on Sanatana Dharma. The new issue of the HolisticPine International lifestyle Journal featured a special article about her writing journey. Dream Spin Publication awarded her as "Rising Star" in May 2024.

Currently, Ashreeta is writing articles for Literary Hues and Literary Scape July-August magazine edition. She is also contributing to an anthology "Life in a Bookshelf" by Suvidhi Publication.

Her published articles on various websites like Medium, RepublicNewsIndia, HindustanSaga, DailyHunt, PixStory, and several other e-magazines include:
2. Books are life partners!
3. Child Education
4. Empowerment of Women is progress for all!
5. All you need is love
6. Media Portrayal of Women
7. Enhancing Resilience
8. Equality for all!
9. Embracing Vulnerability
10. Environment & Sustainability
11. Diabetes Basics (guest blogging for her dentist friend's website)
12. Industrial Accidents & its Impact on Society (for her husband's safety day competition)
13. Colour Purple
14. Success

Her most loved guest blogs are:
1. Success
2. Goals
3. Chase Balance
4. Leadership in the Workplace
5. Decoding Minds (inspired by TED Talk series)
6. Work from home culture
7. Positive Personality
8. Self-esteem
9. Women Empowerment
10. Spread Positivity around
11. Sense of Gratitude
12. Monday Motivation
13. Things learnt from Cyclone Biporjoy (personal experience)
14. Life can sometimes be daunting (in memory of her beloved cousin)

She was also shortlisted for Rising Academic Event Manager 2023-2024 by The Iconic Clan Awards.

Looking ahead, Ashreeta aims to establish herself on a global platform, addressing pressing issues like the climate crisis, social reforms, and geopolitics through her writing. She plans to publish more books and continue contributing to societal change.

Her message to young writers is clear: embrace your passion for writing, overcome insecurities, and persistently strive to improve. She believes in the power of storytelling to inspire and bring about change, urging budding writers to read extensively, stay informed, and keep writing.

Ashreeta Mohanty’s journey from a bright student in Bhubaneswar to an accomplished writer is a testament to her resilience and passion for literature. Her story is one of perseverance, continuous learning, and the unwavering support of loved ones. Through her writing, she aspires to make a lasting impact on society, encouraging others to follow their dreams with dedication and confidence.
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